Donald Trump just stepped in it

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It seems all anyone is talking about is the fact that Republicans got creamed on Tuesday night. Donald Trump is also talking about it. But some Republicans might not like what he’s saying. Trump is openly bragging that HE was the one to roll back abortion rights for women. Oh, Republicans. When will you learn?

So Trump did a spanking new interview! It was with Enrique Acevedo. And in this mess of any interview, Trump went off script and started bragging about how he was responsible for the fall of Roe.

For Republicans, who are currently, if all the chatter is to be believed, falling apart over their election losses, this must not have been a happy moment for them. All the GOP really wants is to never hear the word “abortion” again. Unfortunately for the GOP, this is not going to happen.

But Trump did something else. He started making up stories about abortion being available until the moment of birth — and beyond. That’s right. Trump said this, and it clearly shows how decayed his brain is because after a woman gives birth, there IS no abortion. If someone were to kill a baby after it’s born, that is called murder. Apparently, Donald Trump thinks differently.

That’s to be expected. When did he ever have a sane thought in his miserable life? First, let’s see what Trump said about Roe. “Well, everybody thought Roe V. Wade wouldn’t ever happen, and now it did.”

“And we were able to stop a very radical agenda.” I smell a campaign commercial from the Democrats. Now, here is the outrageous and frankly paranoid statement Trump made about AFTER the baby is born.

“The Democrats were killing babies after birth.”

“They’ll kill babies in their eighth and ninth month, and they’ll kill babies after birth.”

“Kill babies after birth.”

Dear Donald: There is no such thing as an abortion after birth. I assume you’re too stupid to know that and are just parroting Fox talking points.

I would LOVE to see ANY Republican go on national television and tell the world that abortion exists AFTER birth. Not only would they look like morons, but they’d sound like the paranoid, vacant idiots that they are.

The fact is that this abortion issue is going to HAUNT the GOP harder than any ghost ever haunted ANYONE. Abortion will be with the GOP candidates in debates, waiting to make its appearance, causing anguish to all antichoice Republicans as it jumps out and says “boo” to them all over the campaign trail.

And Trump is now openly bragging about being the one who made it all possible! That’ll get the GOP lots of votes (sarcasm.) I say we turn the tables on Donnie. Let’s give him a new nickname — the antichoice architect.

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