Donald Trump just screwed up and produced a smoking gun against himself

When Donald Trump used his “coronavirus press briefing” to air a lengthy and dishonestly edited video aimed at making it look like he responded proactively to the coronavirus threat, it set off a number of alarms. For starters, it was a de facto campaign TV ad. It was also a violation of the Hatch Act. But upon closer inspection, the video actually made the case against Trump.

Donald Trump’s video conveniently skipped over the entire month of February, because he spent February playing golf, and holding rallies, and calling the coronavirus a hoax, and lying about how many cases there were in the United States. When CBS correspondent Paula Reid pointed this out to Trump, he flew off the handle, because he knew he’d been busted.

In his Watergate tapes, Richard Nixon had eighteen missing minutes. In his own coronavirus response propaganda video, Donald Trump had roughly twenty-nine missing days. This video is the smoking gun that proves Trump negligently caused this crisis.

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