Donald Trump just made this even worse for himself

After word of the Trump cultists’ idiotic decision to have a protest march outside the Capitol in support of the Jan 6 insurrectionist traitors leaked out, a number of right-wing media personalities began actively discouraging their listeners to stay away from the National Mall for the rally. Online ramblings about possible violence on the planned day of the Justice for J6 rally has led Capitol police to step up security considerably. We said that this protest would be disastrous for Republicans and Trumpers in general regardless of how it went. Earlier on Thursday, there were predictions of small crowds – which would be an embarrassing blow to Donald Trump’s ego and the movement that glorifies ignorance and megalomania. A large and destructive crowd would look even worse for the GOP and its pathetic defenses of the insurrectionists currently being charged.


It’s still not quite clear how big the actual crowd will be on Saturday, but Donald Trump decided to open his mouth recently and make things exponentially worse for him and his supporters, some of whom have already tried blaming him in court for their legal troubles. On Thursday, ahead of the event, he decided to drop a statement voicing his support of the people attending the protest. All he had to do was literally nothing – and he might have been able to put some distance between himself and domestic terrorists in the court of public opinion, even if for just a short time. Of course, as is too often the case, his ego got in the way and he had to make the event about him, even at the cost of making things worse for himself.

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