Donald Trump just got stripped of his makeup

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A strange video has made its way to Twitter. It’s a video that has many people on Twitter talking. This video popped up on Donald Trump’s official campaign account. In it, the traitor himself could be seen and heard loudly berating Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds for daring to support Ron DeSantis and not him.

Calling Reynolds “the most unpopular governor in the United States,” Trump then proceeded to bash both DeSantis and Reynolds, bitterly suggesting that Reynolds was promised something in return for backing DeSantis. So far, it sounds like your typical dopey Trump video right?

Well — no. Not exactly. You see, there was something in this video that caused people to pause in their tracks, something people saw that they couldn’t believe. Donald Trump appeared to have forgotten to put on his makeup. Donald Trump appeared au natural – makeup-wise.

And without the gleaming makeup, he looked — tired. And old. “He forgot the makeup,” said MANY people on Twitter. People stared in shock at the man who appeared to be a shadow of what he once was. “Taking a toll on him.” So what happened? Did Trump just forget?

“Where’s the orange makeup?” Perhaps he was so eager to be heard that he forgot he usually wears at least a COAT of that dreadful foundation – or whatever it is he drenches himself in.

“Man, this dude looks old.” Is this going to be Trump’s usual look? Perhaps he feels orange does not become him anymore and is seeking a new color.

“He may still have it on, just not the orange stuff — the orange cake stuff.” Maybe he wants to find a golden shade to match his golden toilet.

“Out of shape, glassy-eyed and sweating.” These are all excellent comments from the people who witnessed this horrible video.

“He needs a makeup tutorial.” It looks like Trump’s REAL message — how much he hates the Iowa Governor, got lost in the shuffle. All people noticed was how awful he looked. That’s what you get, Donnie, when you show your face to the public. Looks like Trump was most definitely NOT ready for his close-up.

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