Donald Trump just gave away how frightened he is

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Just the other day, I predicted that Donald John Trump would escalate his threats. And so he has Trump called for a citizen’s arrest of NY AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron: “I WOULD LIKE TO SEE LETITIA AND JUDGE ENFORON PLACED UNDER CITIZEN’S ARREST FOR BLATANT ELECTION INTERFACE AND HARRASSMENT.”

Is Trump TRYING to get himself locked up? Possibly. But this was incendiary and vicious. It was also nothing less than we’d expect from the traitor, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit.
Legal experts quickly expressed horror over this latest threat.

Law Professor Johnathan Turley said: “Just in case anyone is taking such a statement as more than a fantasy, there is no basis for a citizen’s arrest, and such an effort to physically hold either the Judge or the attorney general would most certainly constitute a criminal act.”

You do notice the irony, I’m sure. It is the irony that always follows bullies. Allow me to explain. Bullies are, in general, nothing more than terrified little cowards. NOBODY is more scared than the bully.

This is why they often hide behind computer screens. It’s much easier for them when they’re anonymous. This is because in-person bullies usually scamper away, tails between their legs. Bullies are frightened, terrified little nice who can talk shit ONLY when they are hidden away.

And the ones who do it face-to-face? They almost always have their little bands of sycophants around them who do their heavy lifting for them. One of my all-time favorite movies is “Some Kind of Wonderful,” and in it, we get to see the bully be taken down.

So witness the biggest bully, Donald Trump. Notice how he never does anything HIMSELF. What he posted is nothing less than a call to action — for his FOLLOWERS. Just like he called upon them to go to the Capitol, so, once again, he calls for citizens’ arrests of his foes.

This is because Donald John Trump is a bully AND a coward. He never gets his own hands dirty, but he couldn’t care less if someone else does, especially if that someone else is someone he can use. Trump is a true wanna-be demagogue. He uses and discards others with savage indifference. If Trump REALLY thinks a citizen’s arrest will happen, he is completely delusional.

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