Donald Trump Jr. just made things even worse

We have all, at one time or another, felt the need to laugh to keep from crying. During the Trump administration, we did that a lot to survive. He said ridiculous things — like injecting bleach to combat coronavirus — that were not funny but showed his pure ignorance and stupidity. As the saying goes, “the apple does not fall far from the tree” as Huffington Post reported that Don Jr. — who is obviously stupid — is doing damage control, and let’s say it is not going to well.

One can only wonder how bright the Trump boys are when they say such absurd things. The mouth works, and the brain kicks in later. They are not even apologetic about saying stupid things. As Huff Post reported, Don Jr. admitted his father’s guilt in the pending New York investigation. He admitted that his father paid for private school for Allen Weisselberg’s grandchildren “because he’s a good guy.” No, he was buying Weisselberg’s silence and cooperation. Don Jr. is either in denial or stupid (or both). According to Huff Post, Ari Melber of MSNBC said that Don Jr. “may have made things worse.” “May?” It sounds more like “definitely.”

According to the indictment filed against Weisselberg and the Trump Organization, that tuition was paid to replace part of Weisselberg’s salary to lower his tax liability. The indictment alleges that the Trump Organization was engaged in a “wide-ranging scheme to defraud the government of taxes” by giving Weisselberg a like kind exchange for a portion of his salary, on which he would have otherwise owed income tax. The federal prosecutor obviously contradicts Don Jr.’s claim that Trump is just “a good guy” who paid the tuition out of the kindness of his heart. First, Donald Trump does not have a heart. Second, you best believe that anytime Trump gives anyone anything, there is something in it for him. Other than in those instances, Trump keeps his ill-gotten gains for himself and his family. The most pathetic thing about all of this is that the Trump Organization kept records that detailed these types of payment. If you are doing something you know to be illegal, why in the world would you maintain records on the illegal activity? Are these people really that dense?

Huff Post further details that the Trump Organization’s “questionable compensation schemes” also likely involves his children, to which the other not-so-bright Trump (Eric) responded: “We’ve always lived amazingly clean lives.” There are those who inherit, those who had a great idea and made a lot of money from that idea, and those who grift. The Trumps fall squarely into the latter category. Trump has spent his life opening and bankrupting businesses. We know for a fact that he had paid little or no income taxes over the years. Clean lives my ass.


As the cliché goes, what is done in the dark eventually comes to light, and that is exactly what is happening with the Trump Organization and its leaders, including Donald Trump and his three oldest children.

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