Donald Trump Jr flames out

If one wants an excellent dumbing down, one does not have to leave their home to find it. All one really has to do is log onto Twitter and check out the page of a certain someone.

This someone is as irritating as a wasp. This person also seemingly does nothing all day except tweet although his official job title on Twitter is: “EVP of Development & Acquisitions for the Trump organization.”

I refer, of course, to nobody’s favorite moron, Donald Trump Jr. Self-centered, boring, and as pathetic as his father, Junior is a walking and (occasionally) talking bag of wind. He is content to do seemingly nothing as he spends his days calling Biden names on Twitter and saying stupid things that make sense to nobody except perhaps insurrectionists.

And now Junior has started a petition. This petition is in Junior’s (words?) to stop “Democrat’s tyrannical rules!!!” Yes, there are THREE exclamation points in Junior’s histrionic tweet. Junior also says profoundly that it is time to: DEMAND Biden stop dividing Americans with “radical vaccine mandates.”

Sadly, for Junior, most people are responding to his (words?) with laughter and insults. It would appear nobody really wants to hear from the lad.

Reportedly his daddy commented that if Junior ever ran for President, he’d be unbeatable. I must admit these comments provoked a laughing fit in this writer — a HUGE one. In any event, Junior’s petition does not appear to be doing so well as the greasy Trump spawn will not stop retweeting it and begging for signatures.


It must be such a sad thing to be Junior. Luckily, his dad is out of power, and who knows? Perhaps there might be a cell waiting with Junior’s name on it. Only time will tell.

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