Donald Trump is trying to take Mitch McConnell down with him

The shadow has done it again. This is the shadow of Lindsey Graham — for that’s all he is now. His personality has been sucked from him, and he stands stripped of honor, a flickering and murky shadow, with an albatross around his neck sucking him down into the quicksand. The albatross is, of course, Donnie Two-Scoops Trump.

Graham, who seems determined to set a new record in throwing away his dignity, is now turning on Mitch McConnell. Please know I don’t give a damn about Moscow Mitch. He’s a worthless politician, a manipulator, and a terrible person. But it’s WHY Graham has turned on him that is news.

Graham has sent a warning to the Kentucky turtle. And the warning is this: Fall in line. Fall in line with Trump, or you’re out. In other words, Graham is saying if Mitch cannot work peacefully with Trump and throw the orange one his support, Lindsey will no longer support him for Senate leader.

These remarks came shortly after Trump. this week, labeled McConnell a “loser.” I’ll say one thing about Graham. With friends like him, who needs enemies? I am not defending McConnell. I AM highlighting the utter soullessness of Graham, who seems to have not only surrendered himself to Trump but appears content to be his most devoted and worshipful servant.

“I am not going to vote for anybody for leader of the Senate as a Republican unless they can prove to me that they can advocate for an America First agenda and have a working relationship with Donald Trump because if you can’t do, that you will fail.”

Lindsey Graham has now become the enemy of truth. He has moved, not just from a harmless fan of the orange one but to a place of deep and despairing darkness.

Lindsey cannot see the writing on the wall — the writing is enormous in its lettering and is clearly shouting a warning to the South Carolina coward that he will not acknowledge.


The warning is this: Trump will do it to you as well, Lindsey. He will do it because his heart has no room for love and affection. You may think you’re different, Lindsey, but when the serpent rears his head and decides to sting you, you will see that nobody – including yourself — is immune from the toxic venom of the snake.

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