Donald Trump is running scared

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If there’s one thing that pleases this writer’s ears, it’s when Donald Trump is told off for the scaredy-cat liar that he is. Donald Trump is a bully. We know this. We also know that bullies are the biggest cowards of them all. Donald Trump is the biggest, mushiest, most pathetic bully of them all.

George Conway knows it. That’s when appearing on MSNBC, speaking with Nicole Wallace, he proceeded to have Trump for lunch. Here is what Conway said directly to the camera to Donald Trump.

“If I were his lawyer, in a million years, I would never tell him to testify. I would yell him not to testify. And it reminds me of the passage toward the end of one of Bob Woodward’s books where Woodward quotes John Dowd — Trump’s original personal lawyer — as saying, ‘The reason why he couldn’t testify is that he’s an effing liar.'”

“He would be torn to shreds in about three minutes.”

“But that said — he never listens to his lawyers.”

“If he doesn’t testify, it’s not going to be because he all of a sudden decided to follow legal advice.”

“He’s causing his lawyers to do stupid things in court like the cross-examination of stormy and the miscues the other day with the cross-examination of Michael Cohen. He doesn’t listen to his lawyers.”

“If he doesn’t testify its because he’s scared.”

“Donald, you are scared. You like to go out and stand out there in the hallway and say all because nobody gets to ask you any questions. ”

“You Donald — and I hope you’re listening to me — you are a WUSS.”

“You are scared of actually doing what Stormy Daniels had to do and what Michael Cohen had to do and what every other person who is called — you know you can’t call these people liars, Donald unless you go on the stand and tell your truth. Le’;s hear it. Are you afraid, Donald? I think you are.”

Wow. That sea hawk just swooped down and swallowed up the scaly little fish. Good Job, George Conway. Yes, Donald, you’re VERY, VERY SCARED. You should be.

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