Donald Trump is in a state of shock

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For a person used to living their whole life in privilege, riding the wave of glorious compliments from yes-people, who stand ready, willing, and able to murmur falsely about how great the person is, that individual may face shock and incredulity when they then encounter the exact opposite.

It’s particularly bad for Donald Trump. This week, he got cold water thrown on him as he realized that in the courtroom, he was NOT the most important voice in the room—far from it. Reportedly, Trump isn’t doing so well out of court either. Reports are that Trump is in a state of shock at how little power he had in the courtroom and is fuming.

Trump is said to be particularly irked at the way His Honor addressed him. One such time was when an angry (or senile,, (or both) ), Trump stood up while the Judge was still speaking. The Daily Beast writes: “Merchan turned his face to the former President and said in a firm voice: Sir can you please have a seat.”

It may seem trivial, but for Trump, it may have been a PIVOTAL moment. Trump is said to be in shock that he wasn’t treated with more respect. Daily Beast says about the Judge: “His long black robes dangled from beneath his right hand as he waved it down, like a man addressing his dog.”

Reportedly, Trump was furious as he ‘went and plopped straight back down.” One of the strangely beautiful aspects of this trial is seeing, for the first time, the horror on Trump’s face that he can’t seem to hide. It is the fall of a narcissist.

Going back to what I said at the beginning of this article — it’s all about feeling “golden,” feeling impervious, feeling like there’s a wall between you and “them,” them being the little people, the ones Trump secretly — or not so secretly utterly despises.

Then, one day, the privileged one — strides into a small courtroom, sits down, and in the blink of an eye, he is transformed — transformed from a loud and tawdry spectacle of a former president to —

A little person, a common criminal, who has his day in court, only that day is nothing like what he’d imagined. Donald John Trump’s transformation into everything he thought he was safe from is one of the more glorious aspects of the trial and just a reminder; we’ve still got three to go after this one.

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