Donald Trump is having a nervous breakdown

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“A series of nervous breakdowns.” Bob Woodward said these wise words about Donald Trump’s time as President. “I’ve spent seven years on Donald Trump,” Woodward explained. “What I discovered and realized in his time as President is a series of nervous breakdowns. And to call it a breakdown doesn’t do it full justice,” he added.

“It’s also clear that his campaign now is also another nervous breakdown, and you can’t do it any other way.” Woodward always has a word to say (or two or three). And, it’s true. Can anyone REALLY look at Donald Trump and say he’s — well — normal?

“He’s giving the country a nervous breakdown.” This was said in reaction to Woodward’s comments on social media. But he shouldn’t be giving the country a breakdown. Because Trump is going to prison, and he won’t be our problem anymore — he will be the prison warden’s problem.

I think the thing that is deeply worrying to me isn’t that Donald Trump is in the midst of a breakdown. It’s that Republicans have said so very LITTLE about said breakdown. Take the debate this week. The moderators at NBC barely mentioned him except at the beginning. And the candidates? They did not mention him AT ALL.

Even Chris Christie, who had promised to hold Donnie accountable, was tepid and offered nothing in the way of calling Donald Trump out. It seems the GOP is deeply and perilously afraid of EVERYONE, from women to young voters to Donald Trump himself. They’re setting a terrible example for the country with their cowardice.

I do wonder if, years from now, some of these folks in the GOP will look back and ponder their own responses. History will remember them as cowards. Light years from now, their story will be written as new students of history read about the cowards from long ago who refused to stand up to ONE MAN — ONE MAN — so very little to stand up to.

But for years now, the GOP has let Donald Trump ruin their lives. Yes, the GOP’s lives are ruined. You may question that, but I ask you to examine the evidence. I ask you to look hard and see how much this pale shell of a political party has lost.

They lost: Respect. Elections. Over and over, they’ve lost elections. The reputation of their own party. Power. The ability to live without fear which may be the most significant loss of all.

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