Donald Trump is going to prison

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Donald Trump’s criminal trial is nearing its end. Almost everybody’s question is whether he will be convicted. But there is another question that hovers. That question is, if Trump is convicted, will he go to prison. This writer thinks he will. So please allow me to make my case.

1) Reason number one. This judge isn’t playing, and he recognizes the seriousness of the crime. If convicted, it’s hard to believe he’d let the Donald skate prison-free.

2) Reason two — If found guilty, Trump will go nuts and, of course, violate his gag order in ways never seen before.

Do we doubt that the hurricane from hell will not go silently into the night if convicted? Of course, he won’t! One of the first things Donald will do is log into his partner in Misery Truth Social and start attacking, attacking., and believe me, gag order violations will not be on his mind. So even if this Judge DID decide not to give him jail time, trump will take care of that with a rant to end all rants.

3) Reason two — Rikers is ready. Any lingering doubts over whether jails are equipped to handle the orange oaf have been put to rest, as it’s reported that Rikers is ready, willing, and oh so able to play host to the new potential inmate.

4) Reason four — More and more legal minds and pundits are saying they see Prison as the most logical option. Even On Fox non-news, Fox contributor Tammy Brice said she believes Trump will go to Prison.

5) Reason five — The American people will call for it. Everyone will have expectations of prison except perhaps for people such as Lindsey Graham, JD Vance, and other Trump diaper changers. But the rest of the country will want to see jail on Trump’s roster.

6) Reason six — It’s where he belongs. Contrary to the media narrative, this is a serious crime. The man BROKE THE LAW and hid his crimes from the American people. Justice calls for it. Karma demands it., And fate will make it so. In this writer’s view, Donald John Trump is on his way to prison.

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