Donald Trump is drowning in denial


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Denial is never a fun place to be. For Donald Trump, it’s especially toxic. For years now, Trump has been in full-on denial. He has tried unsuccessfully to blame others for his own malfeasance.

He has ranted and raved. He has screamed. He has, over and over again, shown his guilt because we all know innocent individuals do not act like this. But Trump’s denial reached new heights this week. Now he is resorting to what appears to be, from my viewpoint, full-on threats.

On Monday, early in the morning, Trump again took to truth social. Truth social has become Donald Trump’s confidante and best friend. It has become his ONLY friend. It is his only light in darkness. Truth social doesn’t judge him. On the contrary, it listens patiently and sympathetically to all his bizarre tantrums. It is always there for him, plugged in and ready to hear his latest lunatic rant.

It is the bedrock of Trump’s life, the only thing preventing him from perhaps speaking to walls. So yes, on Monday morning, his good buddy Truth Social was waiting for him. And Trump once again began ranting about how HIS case was false and that he did nothing wrong. But then Trump did something new. He began to threaten.

It was five words. Five little words that Trump evidently thought could save him and alter his demise. “I have INFO on everyone!” Well, now! There are fighting words, Mr. Trump. Of course, Twitter and the rest of the world want answers. To whom was Mr. Trump referring? Whom does he have “info” on? Is he making threats? Is this a little blackmail attempt? Hmm.

It is quite sad that Trump also chose to do this on Martin Luther King Jr. day. But do it he did, and once again, he has made a complete fool of himself. The fact is his situation isn’t going to change. Nobody is dropping investigations into him. He can make all the empty threats in the world, but that will not alter his situation.

Because he has threatened, cajoled, and harassed in the past, Trump obviously thinks he can keep on doing it. All his life, the man has gotten away with things. Only he’s not going to get away with anything now. Posting this only shows what an embittered loser he is and how utterly desperate he is becoming.



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