Donald Trump is already facing ugly consequences

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When will Donald Trump face the consequences? I hear that a lot. I believe that at some point, Trump will be indicted. It might happen in a week. It could take a month. It may be a year. But I believe it will happen. And if it doesn’t?

I, of course, will be upset. But I will also be aware that even an indictment won’t be as bad as the payback Trump is already receiving. The worst thing that ever happened to Trump was losing the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden.

Trump is, I suspect, a narcissistic personality. There is nobody he loves more than himself (although deep down, he hates himself.) And as such, he thinks it’s his birthright to have everything and anything he wants. It isn’t that Trump hurts and tramples on the feelings of others.

It’s that Trump IS NOT EVEN AWARE THERE ARE OTHERS TO HURT. In his realm, there exists only him. He doesn’t see other human beings as people — he sees them as subservient OBJECTS. Trump’s situation reminds me of an episode of a popular Television show I saw on TV.

The guilty party turned out to be an astronaut. His only thought was being in space. He didn’t care about anything or anyone else. As he is taken into custody, the camera shows him looking — at the moon.

He appears barely aware of his handcuffs. All he is thinking about is that his arrest prevented him from returning to space. That character reminds me of Trump. If Trump were arrested tomorrow — I believe his biggest regret would be not having the ability to take Biden on in the Presidential race again.

He’d sit in his cell, and he’d RUMINATE. He might give an interview or two. Can’t you see it? I can. And he would talk about — how the 2020 Presidential election was rigged. That’s ALL he’d talk about.

Being a loser is EATING HIM UP. It will continue to do so. The wanna-be and failed emperor sits with his bitter clothes, his sodden brain focused on only one thing. That is the replay — over and over — in his head of why he didn’t win the race for a job that he didn’t even want in the first place.

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