Donald Trump has found a whole new way to sell out America

When Donald Trump was running for President in 2016, he liked to put on his mean face and bellow from atop one of his fake high horses that all products bought in America should be manufactured in America. After reporters confronted Trump with the fact that many of his own products came from overseas, Trump parried with ridiculous excuses while insisting that if he became President, everything would change.

Trump became President after colluding with Russia in attacking America’s democracy. Four years later, as we now head toward another election, it is clear that nothing has changed. According to the findings of a CNBC investigation published Friday, two-thirds of the products peddled at the online Trump Store were not identified as having been manufactured in the United States.

At least 180 of the 280 or so products listed on the site were either not labeled, labeled as having been made in another country (such as France, Italy, or Scotland), or oddly labeled “Decorated in the USA.” If you’re wondering whether the other third was truly “Made in America” or “Made in the USA,” as their labels claim, you are right to be suspicious. Random fabric testing of MAGA hats conducted by The Associated Press and an outside expert back in 2016 revealed laughably dubious results.

Trump continues to parade around on that high horse pontificating about his “Make America Great Again” lunacy. Just this Thursday, for example, Trump visited Ohio to sign an executive order to expand “Made in America” production while proclaiming: “We have rejected globalism and embraced patriotism!” In the meantime, Trump happily continues pocketing the proceeds from the sale of his many foreign-made wares. According to Trump’s recent financial disclosures, Mr. America First has made almost $1.5 million in the past few years from this venture.

Trump doesn’t lose sleep over the fact that Putin paid bounties to militants for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and Trump thinks nothing of the millions of Americans suffering in the pandemic as he enjoys yet another round of golf. Why, then, would we expect Trump to be concerned about where his narcissistic hate souvenirs come from when he is making a profit? Trump has no business being the leader of any country, let alone the United States of America. We must send that message loud and clear on November 3.

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