Donald Trump goes berserk over indictment watch

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We knew it was only a matter of time until the human monster responded to all the (many) problems he is facing. Donald Trump, fearing everything, loathing everybody, and having virtually no friends, fired off enraged Truth Social posts, one right after another.

But in true Trump fashion, he linked to an article from an Alt-right company saying people fear him. This is called projection. The bottom line is it is Donald Trump who is afraid, and he is projecting his own fear onto others.

Trump’s fear is very easy to spot. Normal people who have nothing to hide obviously do not act out like this. But narcissists who have A LOT to fear do, in fact, act out. “History is calling Donald Trump.” This is the title from an Alt-right article Trump linked to. And he is correct. History IS calling him only, not the way he’d like it to.

History is calling him to prison, and most legal scholars do not think it will be long now. Virtually every legal scholar asked has said they expect an indictment. Lawrence Tribe is a good example of that. A few nights ago, he came right and said he thinks this will be an easy decision for Merrick Garland.

With so much to worry about, Trump’s breakdown is not all that surprising. The fear, the loathing, the venom he must be feeling are exploding now. Trump also had yet another meltdown over being sued by Tish James. In a bizarre rant, he called her a racist and “peekaboo.”

I say peekaboo to Donald — we all see you, and we all know your arrest is right around the corner. But I’d like to take this time to enjoy his meltdowns — enjoy the fear, the rage, and the loathing.

Picture Trump awake and ranting while the country sleeps in comfortable darkness. Picture the orange one all alone stewing in his own juices, abandoned and betrayed by one and all. This is precisely how it’s playing out, and the evidence of the fear, the loathing, the INABILITY for him to do anything — is all in his rants. It’s fear and its loathing in Mar-A-Lago, and it’s driving Trump crazy.

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