Donald Trump goes berserk after he gets sold out by former White House staffer

As the Democrats get on with changing this great country for the better, a certain oaf appears to be genuinely teetering on the edge. This is, of course, about the king of insurrections himself — Donnie, two scoops.

The barking clown has released a new statement which I will not write out in full on here because I would not want to ruin anybody’s dinner. But judging from the glinting madness of the statement, I think it is sufficient to say iq4.5 is not having a good week.

This has to do with Alyssa Farah. Farah formerly worked for Trump as communications director. She has been quite vocal about how much she has come to regret working for the marmalade madman.

But this past weekend, during a segment on CNN, Farah said that traitor Trump did acknowledge — to her at least — that he’d lost the Presidential election to Joe Biden. And just like that, Creep-o-Rama went nuts.

His statement is pretty vile. Reading it, which I had to do to write this article, is like reading the rantings of one of those unsubs on Criminal Minds. I’m not kidding. It is a maniacal word salad of the highest order, little more than name-calling, vicious attacks on Farah’s character, and repeated deranged proclamations that he (assolini) is, in fact, the true Presidential winner. It is the ravings of a loser — the biggest loser.


There will likely be more where that came from. But the orange tumor’s audience is getting smaller; thus, his verbal vomit is increasing in frequency, most likely because he’s desperate for attention. He’s getting it alright but not the type of wants by far.

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