Donald Trump goes ape shit

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Bodies of water never sleep. They’ve been awake for millions of years, changing, evolving, and depositing. One thing that they deposited was diamonds. Many glittering diamonds have been found in the sea’s depths. Some of the most oceanic individuals even dive to find these sparkling gifts. They’re rare. They’re unique. And they’re loved.

There aren’t many things in life that are utterly unique, sacred, and cherished. Something else that is so loved, is our Constitution.

“We, the people.”

Our Constitution is our guiding light, and (most) Americans love and cherish it.

I said, “Most.”

Donald Trump does not love the Constitution. Donald Trump wants to destroy it. How do I know this? He just said so. Trump has promised that if he is elected president again, which will never happen, he will nullify a clause of the Fourteenth Amendment that says all people born in America are citizens.

Here are the actual words found in the Constitution.

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

Not so fast, says Trump. And then he announced what he’d change this.

On Truth Social, Trump said he’d simply sign an executive order eliminating these words.

This is not legal, cannot be done, and would never hold up, but I suppose it’s a lot like his mythical wall. He’s throwing red meat at his base — giving them what they LOVE to hear because Donald Trump’s base is a bunch of racist animals.

Trump would be attempting to end automatic citizenship for some immigrants. But the moron does not even appear to know that to make any changes, two-thirds of Congress and three- fourths of the states would have to be in agreement.

Now it’s important to remember that Trump will never become president. But this does show he holds our beloved Constitution in contempt like everything else.

Anyone who mocks or tries to subvert the Constitution should be automatically disqualified from running for president. Besides being an insurrectionist and a traitor, Trump apparently hates our Constitution. It makes one wonder why he’d even want to be a leader over a country he seems to hate so very deeply.

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