Donald Trump gives away that he knows he’s been betrayed

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As you might have expected, Donald Trump is not happy about the fact that Fox non-news lied about how they really felt about the 2020 presidential election. And he’s letting people know. I find this fascinating. Surely the Donald didn’t REALLY think that Fox CARED ABOUT him. Indeed, it seems that he did. And now, like a wounded lion, the orange bully is lashing out.

On Truth Social, where cowards go to whine, Trump unleashed fury on Fox, saying there is “massive” evidence of voter fraud and that their viewers are “infuriated.” Going on to call Fox “weak” and “ineffective,” Trump said Fox is scared and frightened and wants to silence its anchors.

He also took a few potshots at ratings. Trump also seems to be ridden with jealousy that they’re giving air time to the candidacy of Ron DeSantis. I love it when they eat their own, don’t you?

There are also rumors that Trump is desperate to find another network to go to bat for him. Reportedly he thought that network would be NewsMax, but DirectTV has just dumped them to the fury of many republicans on the Hill.

What’s really stunning here is that Trump thought Fox was telling the truth. This is Fox, Donald! Other than you and possibly George Santos, they remain the most prolific liars in the nation.

And now all their lies are falling apart, the liars themselves are falling apart, and they’re eating each other in big hearty bites. This is one meal I hope goes on for a long time.

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