Donald Trump falls completely to pieces as Jack Smith moves in

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If fear had a scent, it would be a noxious one. Fear is a diabolical enemy. It lives to mess with its victims, invading them, shadowing them with its nefarious and deepening agony. When fear washes over one, there are always signs.

One feels its eeriness. And how people react foreshadows what the end result of this enemy will be. For example, if one faces it head-on without flinching well, then — chances are the person might be able to head it off. That’s because they haven’t lost their most important defense against fear — logic and reasoning.

But for others, things may go a bit differently. For those that shrink before fear, who let its insanity grip their brains, they may perhaps turn into terrified pawns letting fear’s grotesqueness fill their pores until they become immobilized.

This is what has happened to Donald Trump. In order to gauge the fear of Trump, one must listen to his words. And the pernicious traitor let them rip from his psyche this week. I will quote him now. I shall do this so you can see for yourself how fear has destroyed him:

“Mad dog psycho Jack Smith, put there for only one reason by Biden, and the weaponized justice department, should stop this witch hunt altogether, or, at a minimum, should give Biden. Obama and all of the others the same treatment!”

Ah, Trump. This is not a Hitchcock film. This is reality. You are trapped, my dear, dear enemy. I write this article for two reasons friends and readers. One is to show that Trump has fully opened the door to fear. He is a haunted animal, and fear is his ghost.

I also write this because I am aware of how many people want revenge. People are impatient to get to the main event — indictment — which will be here soon. But in the meantime, why wait to see the spoils of victory? Why wait, indeed? Here now you can see the ruins. You can see just HOW the man spends his days.

This should put to bed any thoughts that trump is walking around happy, free, and untainted. This is the true grit of the man’s soul, speaking through truth social. And it’s showing you, me, and everyone how truly frightened he is and how good a job fear has done with its most treacherous victim yet.

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