We figured out where Donald Trump got that fake “38 million” number from for Seoul, South Korea

Near the end of a “press conference” that included everything from Donald Trump talking extensively about his hair to an informercial from the My Pillow guy, Trump went on an incoherent bender about the coronavirus in South Korea. He inexplicably claimed that the population of Seoul is “38 million” when it’s in fact 9.7 million.

Actually it’s not so inexplicable. One heads-up Palmer Report reader figured out that if you google “Seoul, South Korea” the top result is this tidbit from Wikipedia:

That’s right, Donald Trump (or one of his idiot handlers) performed this google search and saw “Elevation: 38 m” and mistakenly thought that it meant that it stood for 38 million. Trump and his goons literally don’t know the difference between population and elevation. Yet these are the people in charge of the national coronavirus crisis response.

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