Donald Trump collapses into a puddle

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After the Civil fraud verdict, which basically destroyed Donald Trump, we had the non-pleasure of hearing from the mentally seething moron himself — outside of his Palm Beach property. Trump was spitting mad. He looked a bit more orange than usual, and he didn’t waste ANY time before attacking — well — everyone.

But two things Trump said really stood out to me. One is that he’s ahead in the polls by 20 points. That statement caused this writer to burst into unending giggles that took a VERY long time to subside. Second? It was that Trump decided to verbally attack New York. And he did it in the most hilarious way possible.

Before I go on, I should comment that the Big Apple is a place I know well. Most of my family – both close and extended — are from parts of the Big Apple. I have spent much time in all the boroughs at one point or another and let me tell you something about New Yorkers:

Nobody — absolutely nobody knows bullshit like a New Yorker. Trump, perhaps, forgetting that just a mere few months ago, he’d announced his intention to win New York in the presidential election (I feel another giggle coming on), this time declared that New York is the pits! That’s one way to win some votes.

And then Trump said this: He said that people have been fleeing New York, and after this judgment — many more will leave.

Another round of giggles hit this writer. Oh yes. Imagine scores of New Yorkers upon hearing the verdict:

“Honey — let’s put the $2,000 a month NYC Penthouse up for sale. Trump lost.”

Does Trump REALLY not know the truth? Is he that stupid? (Rhetorical question — he is.)

New York despises Trump. I mean — I doubt anyone anywhere despises him more.

On the streets of New York, shirts can often be seen, shirts that say “If you support Trump, you’re in a cult and other groovy anti-Trump stuff.

If Trump really believes New Yorkers love him, he is farther gone than originally thought. And I guess he is also having second thoughts about campaigning in New York. I don’t blame him.

So, yes, the scene from outside his home was utterly hilarious. I’ll give Trump this. He’s the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to vulgar entertainment.

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