The incredible tale of how Randy Credico’s dog may force Roger Stone to flip on Donald Trump

By all accounts, Donald Trump hates animals and refused to get a White House dog, even though such things tend to help boost a presidential approval rating. So it’s perhaps fitting that a dog may end up forcing Trump’s oldest friend to cut a plea deal against him, which could topple his increasingly wobbly presidency. How realistic is this? Let’s just say that there’s about to be a Robert Mueller subpoena involved.

It’s become clear that Mueller is using a two-pronged approach to take down Roger Stone. He’s going to indict him for his role in the Trump-Russia election conspiracy, and he’s also going to indict him for a number of more straightforward scandals. The current Paul Manafort trial illuminates why this strategy is so effective. Manafort is two weeks at most from being convicted for tax fraud, meaning he’ll be sunk before he even gets to his second and more complicated trial which more closely relates to Trump-Russia. But back to that story about a dog.

Last night we learned from Ari Melber that Robert Mueller is about to subpoena Randy Credico, the alleged go-between for Roger Stone and Julian Assange when it came to the emails stolen by Russian hackers. Credico seems to want to cooperate. So why is Mueller having to subpoena him? Suffice it to say that Stone has been bullying and threatening Credico pretty severely behind the scenes, making him afraid to simply walk in and testify voluntarily. But those threats are what’s going to make Mueller’s job easier.

The media has previously published written messages in which Roger Stone has threatened to murder Randy Credico and kidnap his dog if he testifies. That makes for a straightforward witness intimidation case against Stone. Now that Credico is finally coming in to testify, it’ll make it easy for Mueller to convict Stone on that charge relatively quickly, long before he’ll be able to convict Stone on the election stuff. If Stone has remotely competent legal advisers, they’ll tell him that he’s sunk because of the tampering charges, and they’ll advise him to flip on Donald Trump to save himself. So a dog really might take Trump down.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report