Donald Trump finds a whole new way to screw himself

After Donald Trump had a jarringly horrible day on Tuesday with the news that Michael Flynn had sold him out thoroughly enough to earn a free pass, Trump had the chance for a bit of reprieve today โ€“ if only because some of the headlines were going to be elsewhere. Trump did screw up President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, but only in a low key manner. Then Trump went home and screwed it up.

All that Donald Trump had to do tonight was stay out of the news cycle’s way. The Michael Flynn story was going to get whatever coverage it was going to get. But there was also the funeral story. And while Trump’s presence there clearly didn’t go well for him, the mainstream media was going to gloss over it, and simply report that โ€“ if nothing else โ€“ at least Trump got invited to one of these things for once. But Trump couldn’t simply keep quiet.

Tonight, Donald Trump posted an utterly ludicrous tweet declaring that his approval rating has somehow magically climbed to 50%, citing the infamous propaganda outlet Rasmussen. Not only was Trump posting a laugh-out-loud lie, he made the unbecoming move of bragging about his approval rating just hours after America buried a former president. Sure enough, now a portion of the news cycle will be dedicated to how Trump posted this idiotic fake-news tweet.

Sure, it’s a small thing. But it’s a sign that Donald Trump still doesn’t get it. Even now that everything has closed in on him, and he’s about to go down for treason, he’s still more focused on trying to convince himself he’s beloved than he is on trying to find a way to save himself.

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