Does this look like a riot to you?

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I am starting to get quite sick of “minimization” in politics. What I mean by that is things that are very important get minimized. And often, things that have no importance at all get elevated to frightfully high levels. Allow me if you will to give you an example of minimization that happened only the other day.

There was a popular news network doing what they do best — minimizing. It was January 6th they were speaking of. That they were speaking of it was a good thing. What was shown on the screen WHILE they were speaking was not.

Probe seeks new information on Capitol RIOTERS. It is the word “rioters” I vehemently object to. Minimization in its purest form, my friends.

Sorry but this was actually offensive to me. What occurred on January 6th was not a riot, nor should it ever be treated as such. It is unbelievably bothersome to see the tragedy of January 6th reduced to the painfully minimized term, “riot.”

Not that riots are good. They’re not. But this was a terrorist attack. And for me, nothing less than CALLING it one will suffice. The Capitol was breached. Windows were shattered as maniacs stormed the halls, vandalizing whatever they saw.

People roamed the halls of the Capitol looking for the then Vice President so they could hang him on national television. Police were attacked and bludgeoned. They were kicked, punched, beaten. Some lost limbs. Some later died by suicide.

American flags were torn down and ripped to pieces. Senators and Congresspeople called their families to say their goodbyes. Does THAT sound like a riot? I hope never to see such a painful and tragic event reduced to the term “riot” again. Do better media. Call it what it IS. On January 6th, we had a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK. Nothing less.

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