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Stop the senseless, savage, horrible, barbaric, evil murdering of our children.

I write these words as news of yet another school shooting permeates the television airwaves. I really don’t know what to say. When I was a kid, the most we had to worry about was your typical bully in the playground.
These days when kids go to school, they have to worry they won’t come home.

And some of them don’t.

I wish I had the answer. I wish we all had magic wands we could wave that would stop the evil we see done to our children.

Only we don’t. And I think I am safe in saying that we would do almost anything to stop the gun violence.

On Fox, as the shooting in Nashville was being reported, a woman took over their airwaves to plead for all of us to do something.

“How is this still happening?”

“How are our children still dying, and why are we failing them?”

At first, Fox attempted to cut the audio but finally allowed the woman to speak.

Aren’t we all sick of thoughts and fu##in prayers? Is there nothing we can do?

I think we can do something.

But it does involve electing more Democrats. Many say when an argument is going on, it is never one person’s fault. I’m afraid I have to disagree with such an analysis, as it pertains to gun reform.

In this case, the blame lies with only one — republicans.

I also think it’s fair to say that every democrat in DC would change this if they could. But republicans don’t CARE. Many say they do, but they don’t.

Always watch their actions — never believe their words. What ONE step have we seen from ANY Republican?
Is there one thing any of them have done?

We know how this will go. A few indignant republicans, carefully avoiding any mention of the NRA, will appear on the Fox propaganda network.

With carefully chosen words, they will denounce the shooter and the shootings and attempt to blame democrats for — something. Anything. Anything to keep people from the truth.

We must do something about mental health. They will solemnly say this as IF we all are psychic and can mind-read who will go off the rails next and shoot up a school.

We have gun safety laws, and they don’t work, Lindsey Graham or Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley or SOME CLUELESS Republicans will say with faux sadness.

The Democrats are politicizing this, some Republicans will say, as parents weep all over the country, as yet more families are ruined as they must say goodbye to the ones they love most.

Schools are supposed to be SAFE. Children should not have to worry about this stuff. They should not have nightmares of mass shootings. Their dreams should be pure and undisturbed, but thanks to a psychotic group called the NRA and a barbaric group called the GOP, our children are being scarred – at least the ones who live are.

DO SOMETHING must involve actions, not just words. And we, the democratic party, must be the change makers because it’s our children’s lives on the line right now, and we must not take any more of this.

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