Donald Trump’s rapidly worsening condition is accelerating

The big headline is that Donald Trump is such a Russian puppet, he congratulated Russian President and brazen murderer Vladimir Putin on his rigged election victory yesterday, even after his advisers wrote “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” in their notes for him. Trump is certainly a Russian puppet, and this only serves to further underscore what’s already long been clear. But it also highlights another problem for Trump: he’s further gone than we thought.

If yesterday’s incident had simply been a matter of Trump’s advisers trying to sell him on the merits of not congratulating Putin during their phone call, they would have made the argument to him before the call. They’d have tried to convince him that it would make him look bad if it became public. They’d have gone for the logical approach. Instead they resorted to essentially writing him a reminder for when he was on the phone, in case he forgot that he wasn’t supposed to congratulate Putin. It’s as if his thinking and cognitive abilities are that far gone. It’s not the first recent incident of this type.

Weeks ago, Donald Trump was meeting with the survivors and the parents of the victims in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. He was seen holding notes, written by Hope Hicks, which included the phrase “I hear you.” This was a reminder that Trump is so lacking in empathy, he couldn’t come up with a phrase like that himself while speaking to parents who had just buried their children. But again, it was also a reminder that his cognitive abilities are failing. Hicks wrote it down for him because she didn’t think he’d remember it even if she said it to him before the meeting.

At every turn, we keep being reminded that Donald Trump can’t even remember to say or do basic things, or in some instances to not say and do predictably stupid things. This isn’t merely our view. It’s the view of his own staffers, who keep writing these basic things down for him. This is, in all seriousness, one step away from staffers having to write down directions to the White House bathroom because Trump can’t remember where it is. At this rate, that’ll come soon enough. The only thing more alarming than Trump’s rapid descent into cognitive loss is the mainstream media’s unwillingness to call it what it is.

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