As someone dies in Trump Tower fire, stunning revelation about unsafe building conditions

As today’s 50th floor fire was playing out at Trump Tower in New York City, Donald Trump took the opportunity to brag on Twitter that it was a “well built building.” Before he made this remark, it had already been reported that one person was seriously injured in the blaze. Unfortunately, that person later died. Now the fire department in New York has revealed that the Trump Tower floor in question had no sprinklers.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro spoke to the media and was asked about Donald Trump’s assessment of how Trump Tower was built. Nigro agreed that “It’s a well built building.” But then he added that “The upper floors, the residence floors, are not sprinklered.” Apparently, Trump Tower was grandfathered in, even after regulations began requiring that all new (or newly renovated) New York City skyscrapers have sprinklers included.

What stands out here is that while the Commissioner didn’t explicitly say that the individual died as a direct result of the lack of sprinklers, he did make a point of citing the lack of sprinklers when asked what he thought about the safety of the building. And while it appears Trump Tower technically wasn’t violating the law, it’s shocking to learn that such an expensive high-end building wouldn’t have retroactively added sprinklers by now.

In other words, Donald Trump has been a cheapskate when to comes to fire safety conditions in Trump Tower, and now the FDNY Commissioner is hinting that it may have been the cause of today’s Trump Tower death. This may explain why, even hours after the death was reported, Donald Trump still has yet to acknowledge it or offer condolences via Twitter; perhaps he’s afraid he’s about to get sued by the victim’s family over the stunning lack of sprinklers his supposed luxury skyscraper.

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