Donald Trump really didn’t think this one through

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump over the past two years, it’s that he acts irrationally and without thinking about consequences. With so much attention focused on his conspiracy with Russia to steal the 2016 election, one would think a man of sound mind would do everything to avoid creating more reasons for investigators to look into his dealings with Russians. But of course Trump is not one to think clearly when there is money involved. This makes the recent revelation – that his personal attorney Michael Cohen took half a million dollars from a Russian oligarch – that much more mind boggling.

As if that news wasn’t shocking enough, there is now more evidence that Trump does not seem to even care about hiding his treason. As Palmer Report reported, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report confirming that Russian hackers penetrated the voter roll databases in multiple states and were in position to alter and delete data, making eligible voters unable to cast a vote in the election.

While Congress allocated $120 million to prevent future attacks, none of that money has been utilized to better prepare for such attacks in the future. Again, one of sound mind would not want to bring more attention to America’s lack of proper cybersecurity against future attacks on our elections. However, Trump’s national security team is looking to eliminate the top White House cybersecurity job, basically inviting Putin to further interrupt democracy in America.

These are clearly not the actions of an innocent individual. Combine that with Donald Trump’s so-called “warriors” attacking the DOJ in order to determine what exactly Mueller has on them, and we are truly at an impasse where democracy and a kakistocracy meet and only one can remain. Luckily for America, the ones attempting to obstruct the rule of law are no match for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and our intelligence agencies.

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