House Democrats just ran a Deutsche Bank end-around in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

House Democrats have been trying to get their hands on Donald Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions, so they can fully expose Trump’s financial crimes and foreign entanglements. It’ll happen eventually, but Trump has been fighting in court to try to drag out the process as long as possible. Now it turns out House Democrats just did an end-around to get at least some of what they wanted.

If the House Democrats can’t get Donald Trump’s banking records so they can spot the financial connections to Russia, why not simply get the Russians’ banking records so they can spot the connections to Trump? It turns out that’s precisely what’s been going on behind the scenes.

Five different major banks, including Deutsche Bank and Bank of America, have coughed up the financial records of various Russian figures who are suspected of having financial ties to Donald Trump, according to MarketWatch. To be clear, this has already happened, and Trump can’t stop it. For that matter he couldn’t have tried to stop it, because if he’d gone into court and argued that the Russian financial records were an invasion of his privacy, he’d be confessing that he is in fact a part of the Russian banking records.

Notably, MarketWatch says that these same records have been turned over to New York Attorney General Tish James. Why does this matter? If Donald Trump ends up trying to pardon himself and/or his family for crimes that are revealed by these banking records, New York State can still bring state-level charges, which can’t be pardoned by any president.

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