This Donald Trump – Deutsche Bank subpoena story doesn’t add up

Rachel Maddow reported on Monday that back in December of 2017, Donald Trump got so angry when he found out that the JusticeDepartment was going to subpoena Deutsche Bank, he demanded that the Mueller investigation be shut down. And then, somehow, the subpoenas were supposedly not issued. Some speculate that Rod Rosenstein did not issue the subpoenas in order to keep Trump from shutting down the Mueller investigation.

But wait a minute. Deutsche Bank headquarters was raided months ago, by German officials, reportedly in relation to a major money-laundering scheme. It was our European allies, and not the US Justice Department, that carried out the raid on Deutsche Bank, and there has been no confirmation that there was any connection to the Mueller investigation.

However, it would be quite a coincidence if the Mueller investigation wanted to subpoena Deutsche Bank, and then months later one of our closest, information-sharing allies raided Deutsche Bank, if the two were somehow unrelated. Now, the Democratic-controlled House Intelligence Committee is ready to issue the subpoenas that DOJ originally wanted.

Thanks to our friends in Germany, the information the DOJ and the House Intelligence Committee want from Deutsche Bank will be a little easier to get, and one has to wonder if Robert Mueller already has the information he wanted anyway.