Donald Trump delusionally declares victory on the worst night he’s ever had

Donald Trump’s Republican Party lost majority control of the House of Representatives tonight, meaning that any victories the GOP may have scored in other races are largely hollow. The Democrats now control the House as of the start of the next session, meaning that Trump is on a path to ouster and prison.

Just don’t tell that to Donald Trump, or whichever of his handlers might have control of his official Twitter account tonight. Trump tweeted “Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!” Wait, what? Trump is ostensibly trying to cling to the slight gains he’s on track for in the Senate, even though the 2018 Senate rotation was stacked for the Republicans from the start, and one could argue that the GOP underperformed in the Senate.

Beyond that, the Democrats flipped several Governor seats, ousting some key Trump allies in the process, including the infamous Kris Kobach in Kansas. By our count, the majority of Republicans endorsed by Trump ended up losing, including several incumbents. Other than the strange and suspicious results in Florida, Trump and the GOP underperformed just about everywhere. The Democrats made gains in a whole lot of House districts that had been solidly red for years. But as bad as this night is for the GOP, it’s far worse for Trump himself.

House Democrats wasted no time confirming that they’re going to pull Donald Trump’s tax returns, a sign that they’re gearing up to come out swinging aggressively from day one. Trump can tweet whatever he wants, but he’s now on a path to ouster and prison. This was the worst night of his life (so far). It’ll only get worse for him from here.