Roger Stone goes off deep end as Robert Mueller moves in on him and Julian Assange

While it’s taken a bit of a backseat to other aspects of Donald Trump’s criminal scandals in terms of public attention, Roger Stone’s election collusion with Russian puppet Julian Assange has become a primary focus of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In fact Mueller is now subpoenaing Stone’s closest friends and associates. This comes even as Ecuador says it’s turning Assange over to British authorities – a possible sign that he’ll be indicted by Mueller and extradited. Suffice it to say that Stone isn’t taking the news well.

Roger Stone was long ago banned from Twitter due to his pattern of harassing various women in politics and the media. But he still has an Instagram account, and as the news has turned particularly ugly for him over the weekend, his posts have become more frantic. After Robert Mueller subpoenaed Stone’s friend and former prostitution ring leader Kristin Davis, Stone accused Mueller of everything from a “witch hunt” to “gestapo politics” to “thuggery.” Then things took a turn for the strange.

Stone then posted a photo of a white van, and added “Why is this van parked outside my home 24-7?” The clear implication is that Stone has become so paranoid, he thinks the Feds have a poorly disguised surveillance van parked outside his house (sorry, Roger, this isn’t the movies). Stone then went on to accuse Mueller of being a part of a “9/11 cover up” without offering any details or evidence as to what he was supposedly talking about.

The bottom line is that, as Robert Mueller closes in on Roger Stone, we’re seeing a pattern of escalating absurdity from Stone. It’s not that Stone’s ramblings have ever been particularly close to rational. But he’s now going off the deep end even by his standards, suggesting that he knows he’s in imminent trouble.

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