Donald Trump goes off the deep end yet again

Earlier this week, seemingly in response to damaging accusations that he’s mentally ill and stupid, Donald Trump tried behaving for once. He met with Republican and Democratic leaders while the cameras were rolling. He was so eager to look reasonable, he tried to simultaneously agree to the demands of both sides, even though they were demanding different things. It turns out his new attempt at seeming reasonable lasted about a day and a half.

We knew we were in trouble when Trump woke up this morning and jumped on Twitter to renew his prior deranged false claims that President Obama was somehow spying on the Trump campaign during the election for partisan reasons. In reality the Feds had a FISA surveillance warrant, signed by a judge, on Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort because he’d been caught conspiring with Russia to commit various crimes against the United States. President Obama would have had no say in any such decision making. But Trump was just getting started with his buffoonery.

Of course the problem here isn’t merely that Donald Trump is a paranoid delusional malignant narcissist sociopath. He’s also becoming more cognitively incompetent by the day. When his administration put out a press release announcing that he was meeting with the leader of “Normay” earlier this week, that was just his incompetent staff doing what they do worst. But when Trump began bragging yesterday that he’d sold F-52 fighters to Norway, that was a more troubling matter, because those planes only exist in the fictional video game Call of Duty.

This isn’t the first time in which Donald Trump has spoken of supposedly real military weapons that either don’t exist, or only exist in fiction. He also thinks “Nambia” is a country. Even on the rare occasions when Trump briefly tries to act reasonable in the hope of changing the narrative, he’s still a bumbling buffoon during those periods, and they don’t last long anyway.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report