Donald Trump declares war against America

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While using our military Generals for a backdrop to accuse the FBI of attacking the United States, the recent chemical attack against the Syrian people ended up being a sidebar during Donald Trump’s press conference on Monday. Instead, the “President” used his backdrop and the bulk of his time to tell everyone how fierce our military is and, as such, we’re all supposed to hate the men and women of the United States who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving us in an effort to prevent crime. To him, they’re a “disgrace,” not the people poisoning children.

According to past statements by “President” Trump, Russia never attacked the United States. However, yesterday, while surrounded by “his Generals,” Trump admitted that we have been attacked, and were attacked once again earlier in the day when the FBI raided the offices of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Several days ago, the “law and order President” admitted on Air Force One that Michael Cohen was a lawyer who had gone rogue. Why wouldn’t the President of the United States want a rogue lawyer, who was inappropriately using his name on bogus contracts, to be investigated? Why would such an investigation be considered an “attack against the entire United States and everything we hold near and dear,” according to Trump?

Apparently, “his Generals” in the background are supposed to sacrifice their lives and the lives of others, in an effort to protect and serve rogue lawyers undermining democracy. According to “President” Trump, we are being attacked by the men and women of the United States who have dedicated their lives to keeping the American people safe, not by Vladimir Putin and the Russians. That’s “FAKE NEWS” Comrade.

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