Donald Trump’s biggest debt has come due

The unendurable thought has now crossed Trump’s mind that, yes, indeed, he might lose. And with losing comes the awful realization that people will be after him like New York Attorney General James. His overseas debts will come due without the power of the Presidential Office to settle them. His family will be rounded up and criminally charged. He and his family have broken so many laws in the last four years, there’s no way Donald will last long enough to see all the prosecutions.

Right now, with his latest Twitter meltdown, he’s realizing it’s too late. He’s losing in a landslide, at least according to the polls, and all that money he and his family grifted from the RNC has been squandered on his personal vanities instead of being thrown into vital swing states in a last gasp effort. A second term is looking out of reach and the timing is terrible for him, especially when he just figured out that he had to place loyalists in the Civil Service because according to US laws, civil servants are supposed to be loyal to the Constitution, not him. This took Trump’s narcissistic dictator-wanna-be rotting brain four years to figure out. But now it won’t matter what he does. Biden will be coming in and cleaning out the Trumpy rat’s nest.


Trump is no doubt pondering where to go on the run from prosecution. His son, Don Jr., is non-stop whining on Fox News and the fear in his eyes is as real as whatever he’s allegedly putting up his nose. The American people have been insulted, assaulted and lied to for four long years, and on November 3rd these profane criminals will have to pay the bill. It’s a powerful thing to see the American people rise up and vote. Don’t ever take it for granted. Make sure everyone you know gets to the polls by November 3rd so we can remove the garbage from the White House and begin fumigation.

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