Death by a thousand cuts

Palmer Report has long pointed out that there’s a good chance Donald Trump’s presidency will go down the drain not as a result of one shockingly scandalous reveal, but rather through death by a thousand cuts. Richard Nixon wasn’t ousted because of any one memorable Watergate moment, though there were many. He went down once the combined weight of all of those moments had simply made it impossible for him to move forward. We’re now seeing Omarosa, of all people, doing this to Trump all by herself.

Simply by releasing three secret recordings within the span of a week, Omarosa has exposed Donald Trump as a clueless weakling who can’t take responsibility for his own personnel moves, exposed Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly as a stooge with no regard for security protocol, exposed Trump’s daughter-in-law to a potential prison sentence, and exposed Trump’s 2020 “reelection” campaign as little more than a front for bribe money.

Further, by using these tapes to build credibility where she would otherwise have none, Omarosa has managed to breathe life into the accusations she can’t prove. The mainstream media is finally talking about Donald Trump’s alleged use of racial slurs on the set of the Apprentice. Penn Jillette and Tom Arnold say they’ve heard it themselves. But now it’s a source of discussion at the White House press briefing, and a lead story on cable news. The kicker is that this is just getting started, as the New York Times now says that Omarosa may have as many as two hundred tapes – and it’s clear she’s going to keep releasing them in swift fashion.

The great irony of Donald Trump’s scandals is that he has so many of them, they often drown each other out. Just as the media is driving home the importance of one Trump scandal to the public, another of his scandals breaks out, and the clock resets. It’s how the most criminally scandalous individual in the history of American politics is still (just barely) hanging onto his office. But now we have someone in charge of the narrative. Omarosa has enough tapes that she can decide what the prevailing narrative is going to be on any given day. If she’s smart about it, she can hammer away at Trump in a manner in which the damage to him keeps accumulating.

And so now mainstream America finds itself hoping that a despised, disbelieved, and disgraced reality show sociopath knows what she’s doing. It’s a sign of how far we’ve fallen as a nation in 2018. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years about Omarosa, it’s that she’s even more efficient at destroying people in monstrous fashion than Donald Trump is. It’s why he kept bringing her back to the Apprentice, season after season. Now Trump is trapped inside the framework of his own deranged reality show, being eaten alive by the villain he created.

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