Donald Trump’s day of reckoning is finally upon us

Robert Mueller’s own people confirming that the Mueller report is far worse for Donald Trump than Attorney General William Barr has claimed. Trump’s tax returns. Trump’s White House security clearance scandal. Whatever has been going on with the Chinese operatives at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Everything is happening at once now – and Trump’s day of reckoning is finally upon us.

What will Donald Trump do now? Mueller’s team just handed the House Democrats the ammunition they need to win a subpoena battle over the Mueller report. This means Barr is now limited in what he can do to further shield Trump – particularly considering that Barr now stands accused of some degree of obstruction of justice in his own right. There’s also not much that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin can do to try to prevent House Democrats from getting their hands on Trump’s tax returns. This comes even as Trump’s security clearance scandal gets uglier for him and his family by the day.

Trump can whine, yell, tweet, lie, deflect, threaten, stomp his feet – all the things he does best. But it’s difficult to see how any of these antics will get him very far at this point. We’re suddenly well past the point where Trump can fend off his scandals one at a time. They’re all happening at once now.

No wonder Donald Trump has been meekly and confusedly talking about the “oranges” of the Mueller investigation. These past days, he must have had some sense of what was about to hit him. Perhaps even he wasn’t expecting House Democrats, and for that matter Mueller’s own team, to come out swinging quite this fiercely, and in such well timed fashion. Trump’s day of reckoning is upon us. He can resign and go away, or he can wait for his criminal scandals to completely eat him alive. At this rate it might not take long for investigators to finish him off.

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