Rudy Giuliani has incoherent pre-dawn meltdown

Rudy Giuliani hasn’t spent enough time screwing up the legal prospects of his client Donald Trump, so now he’s busy screwing up the election prospects for an old friend whose name he can’t seem to remember. Rudy is trying to get Republican Garry McCarthy elected as Mayor of Chicago, but suffice it to say that it’s not going well – and Rudy just went on a surreal pre-dawn bender about it.

Giuliani has spent the past two weeks pushing the notion that the gun violence in Chicago is the fault of Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and that Emanuel should either resign, or ask Donald Trump for help, or something or other. The problem is that Rudy keeps making up fake numbers. At one point he claimed that there had been 63 murders in Chicago last weekend, before ultimately admitting there had only been 12 murders. Now he’s at it again, but this time he’s dragged President Obama into the nonsense.

Sometime before 6am eastern time today, Rudy Giuliani tweeted that “17 shootings 2 dead in Chicago so far this weekend,” once again making up numbers at random. He then continued: “Hopefully Democrats will join in demanding Mayor Emanuel’s resignation.” Huh? Why on earth would Emanuel resign? At least Rudy spelled his name correctly this time. That’s right, Giuliani has managed to misspell the names of both the guy he’s endorsing and the guy he’s attacking. But then Rudy went after Obama: “Obama’s has sure turned his back on his city.” Uh, Obama’s what?

Rudy Giuliani then continued ranting about him: “By the way where is he living? Does he have anything to say?” Back in the real world, President Obama has done plenty since leaving office to try to help his hometown of Chicago. Meanwhile, Rudy just keeps staging meltdown after increasingly disconcerting meltdown.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report