Looks like Georgia Senator David Perdue is going to end up in prison after all

The surreal part about these Senate runoffs in Georgia is that both incumbent Republican Senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, have insider trading scandals hanging over their heads. Even if they win, they could end up criminally charged once Trump is gone. Now things have just gotten serious for one of them.

The New York Times is now reporting that David Perdue was far more hands-on with his pandemic insider trading than previously known. It was serious enough that the DOJ investigated him, found clear evidence of his guilt, and then improperly shut down the case. This means Bill Barr is likely looking at yet another felony obstruction of justice charge. But once Trump and Barr are gone, the DOJ can easily reopen the case – and based on the evidence, it seems a given that Perdue will end up being charged and convicted.

This means that even if David Perdue wins, he loses. He can beg Trump for a pardon, but that would pretty much finish Perdue off from a political viability standpoint. So Perdue faces a difficult decision. If he accepts the pardon and wins reelection, his career is basically over anyway. If he declines the pardon, he risks being convicted and sent to prison whether he wins or loses. Is Perdue willing to gamble his life on the scenario where he wins reelection and then beats the charges at trial?

In any case, the sheer corruption of David Perdue makes it all the more important that we get behind Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff and win these Georgia runoffs. If we defeat Perdue now, it’s a much quicker way to get rid of him than the long process of waiting for another special election to replace him after he’s in prison.


Also, don’t be surprised if additional details emerge about Kelly Loeffler’s own pandemic insider trading scandal. The DOJ now seems intent on leaking what it can, in order to help the public understand who they’re really voting for. Loeffler’s opponent is Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock.

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