Trump-Russia expert sounds the alarm about Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

When Donald Trump’s son, son-in-law, and campaign manager got caught having met in Trump Tower with multiple Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign, their initial explanation revolved around adoption. While that claim was clearly false, there was a reason this excuse was floated. The Magnitsky Act was signed into law in 2012 following the gruesome death of Sergei Magnitsky at the hands of Russian officials. Russia retaliated by banning American adoptions of Russian orphans.

Bill Browder, who was represented Magnitsky, has spent much of the past decade working to expose human rights violations in honor of Magnitsky. Due to the massive level of violations in Russia under President Vladimir Putin, there are currently sanctions in place between Russia and America. While the Trump Tower meeting was never about adoptions, there are those in the United States Congress who have never put the interests of their own country over those of Russia.

As Palmer Report has documented, U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California has spent his congressional career pushing ideology that benefits the Kremlin at the expense of America. While Browder has long been an advocate for policies against human rights violations, he is not known to make false accusations against politicians – so it’s worth paying attention to what he just said about Rohrabacher.

“My assessment is that somehow the Russians have either got damaging information on Dana Rohrabacher, which would be some type of blackmail, or that they’ve found some way of financing him in such a way that they’ve influenced his behavior,” says Browder. As someone who has spent years calling out Putin’s illegalities, Browder is clearly unafraid. “Am I at risk at being killed by the Putin regime? The answer is yes. But I do not live in fear.” The U.S. elections are in eight days, and will help decide whether Trump and Putin are reined in.