Donald Trump reportedly went berserk and cursed out Mike Pence just before U.S. Capitol attack

Twitter has rightfully taken away the voice of domestic terrorist Donald Trump, and Mike Pence has been disappointingly quiet of late, so it’s been difficult to know precisely what’s been going on between the two of them.

But now longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg has appeared on MSNBC and recounted the details of a recent lunch meeting between Trump and Pence. This meeting apparently took place just before January 6th, during which Pence informed Trump that Pence had no ability to somehow overturn the election results.

In response, Nunberg claims that Trump said to Pence something along the lines of “I saved you. I made you. You would’ve lost without me? How dare you do this to me? You’re completely misinformed.” Then Trump called Pence a “p*ssy” to his face.

This is notable because after this disastrous meeting, Trump went on to incite a domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol building while Pence was inside, which amounted to a de facto murder attempt on Trump’s part. This reported conversation reveals how enraged Trump was at Pence at the time Trump tried to get Pence killed. We won’t be shocked if Nunberg ends up being called as a witness when Trump is eventually put on criminal trial for all of this.

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