Donald Trump is crashing and burning

We are just over a week away from the November 3rd election, and little has changed. The Republican Senate continues to ram Amy Coney Barrett through and down our throats, Joe Biden continues to lead, and “president” Donald Trump remains in denial. USA Today reported that Trump held a rally in Lumberton, NC for the Lumbee Tribe, the “largest Native American tribe and one of the largest East of the Mississippi.” Why any Native American would support Trump defies logic, but that is a discussion for another day. Trump’s rally was about anything but the Lumbee. All he could talk about was the media being “too focused” on Covid. Someone should be.

Cases are again trending up as 12 states set new records. Yet, Trump claims “we’re rounding the turn.” We are rounding a turn alright — a turn to illness and death as the virus continues to rage out of control. As Joe Biden said in the debate last week, “We are learning to die with it.” Even as Trump cried “Covid, Covid, Covid,” as the media’s focus, Forbes was crying “China, China, China.”

In 2015, Donald Trump took Forbes on a tour of Trump Tower, telling them, “I have the best tenants in the world in this building.” One of his best tenants is the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, which pays approximately $1.9 million per year in rent. Trump would have us believe that he divested from his businesses, but Forbes reported that he retains ownership of Trump Tower by holding a 100% interest in Trump Tower Commercial, LLC, which in turn controls Trump Tower. Trump thus maintains control of Trump Tower, and China owns 70% of his Chinese bank tenant. In addition, The New York Times reported that Trump has a bank account in China. He denies this, but he is lying, just as he lies about virtually everything. If you cannot smell the rot, you have lost your sense of smell.

When this information is taken together and you consider Trump continuing to downplay coronavirus, you might think he is in office for the specific purpose of destroying and/or selling out the U.S. As outlandish as that might sound, where is the evidence that might refute it? Trump, according to Forbes, has made over $5.4 million from the Chinese since taking office, yet he accuses Joe Biden of taking money from China. The man is a buffoon, a liar, and a danger, and he must lose next month.


We are almost at the proverbial finish line. Turnout in early voting has gone well and looks good for Democrats but take nothing for granted. A new poll released Sunday shows Biden up by 3 points in Texas, primarily because he has increased his Hispanic support from 30% to 48%. The polling averages now show a tie race in Texas. Forty percent of voters in Texas have already voted, and if Biden wins Texas, it is over. But we must take nothing for granted. We cannot stop until we reach our goal of getting Trump out of the people’s White House.

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