Bernie Sanders campaign floats completely ridiculous conspiracy theory to explain his poor debate performance

Bernie Sanders put on the same kind of repetitive, abrasive, simplistic debate performance tonight that he always puts on during debates. The difference this time around was that he’d just spent the week trying to burn down the Democratic Party. Bernie has taken things too far, everyone knows it, and a whole lot of people are angry about it.

So it wasn’t surprising that, even as Sanders gave his usual mildly inept and very hostile performance tonight, large chunks of the audience began booing him. It happened multiple times. It wasn’t isolated. People outside of his own base are clearly pissed off at him, and are drawing the line. But don’t tell that to Bernie and his campaign, who are floating a completely asinine conspiracy theory to explain why this debate went off the rails for him.

According to reporter Philip Wegmann of RealClearNews, Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign senior adviser Nina Turner is claiming that the people booing in the audience “were paid” to be there. This is a serious accusation, as well as a laughably false one. Turner has a consistent habit of saying ridiculous false things while trying to defend Sanders. Now she’s resorting to peddling the kinds of surreal conspiracy theories that Bernie’s online base loves to spread.


Joe Biden 2020 campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders, who worked for Bernie Sanders four years ago and presumably left his campaign for good reason, responded to the absurd conspiracy theory by pointing out that Biden was only allotted thirty-five debate tickets. In other words, no, Biden couldn’t have packed the room with plants even if he’d wanted to. This is the latest reminder that Bernie Sanders has put together one of the most inept, dishonest, and just plain awful campaign staffs of any Democratic candidate in recent history. He needs to clean house.

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