Conspiracy against the United States

So there it is. Yes, collusion. Yes, the highest levels of the Donald Trump campaign cheated to alter the 2016 election in his favor. Yes, it was a crime. Yes, Robert Mueller has proof. And yes, Donald Trump himself was in on it. What we’ve learned in the past twenty-four hours is stunning, yet not surprising: Trump is a traitor who engaged in a conspiracy against the United States. So now what?

Robert Mueller’s surprise bust of Paul Manafort last night, combined with this morning’s revelation that Manafort met with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the election, make clear Mueller has been setting a trap for Donald Trump all along. It’s also fairly clear that Trump walked right into it. Once you get past the shock of Trump’s campaign chairman actively plotting in person with a cyber terrorist, and Trump clearly having known about it, you realize there’s also something else here: Mueller is now shifting to a very public battle.

It can’t be a coincidence that the Ecuadorian embassy visitor logs incriminating Paul Manafort just happened to become public a few hours after Robert Mueller decided to blow up Manafort’s deal. This is a pretext for what comes next, which is Mueller giving the Manafort judge proof that Manafort lied, and the judge including that evidence in his public ruling. Will this be the part where Mueller reveals that Trump was in on the Manafort-WikiLeaks-Russia election plot, or will that come through a different channel?

We’ll see. But two things are now clear. First, Donald Trump engaged in the conspiracy against the United States, which is essentially the felony you’re charged with when you commit peacetime treason. Trump is a traitor who conspired to rig the presidential election in his favor. Robert Mueller, somehow, has proof. And he’s going to make it public, as part of his still largely secret plan to finish Trump off. Welcome to the show.