Donald Trump has completely unhinged meltdown as everything goes wrong for him

Donald Trump has been having the most unhinged, deranged, and mentally unstable week in the history of the United States presidency, so it’s fitting that he would end the week with a late night meltdown. The thing is, he’s gone so far off his rocker, we’re not even sure what he’s talking about. One thing is for sure: he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Trump spent Friday evening watching Sean Hannity pretending that the economy is somehow still doing well; we know this because Trump tweeted a video of the unintentionally humorous Fox News segment. Then, apparently feeling emboldened by the fictional broadcast, Trump posted this surreal tweet:

China just enacted a major stimulus plan. With all the Tariffs THEY are paying to the USA, Billions and Billions of Dollars, they need it! In the meantime, our Federal Reserve sits back and does NOTHING!

Wait, who’s paying what here? Does Donald Trump still not know that his tariffs on Chinese goods are being paid by U.S. consumers, or is he merely pretending not to know this? And if his tariffs were forcing China to have to pay billions of dollars to the United States government, why would Trump want the Fed to step in and end this imaginary victory?


The worst part for Donald Trump is that he doesn’t realize he’s discussing his own political funeral. China is so fed up with Trump’s deranged economic approach, it’s taking steps to tank the U.S. economy so that voters will throw him out next year. And to smooth out any short term damage that this might cause, China is willing to spend money on a stimulus in the meantime. Meanwhile, Trump is busy celebrating his own defeat, because he’s too stupid and/or senile to understand what’s even going on.

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