CNN’s Chris Licht has a whole new problem on his hands

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The other day I wrote about CNN’s “Dawn After Darkness.” I said it just might be here sooner than one might think. That day is not today. CNN’s numbers are in, and they’re HORRIBLE. Yikes!

Besides the conservative network “NewsMax” starting to regularly beat Anderson Cooper’s show, they’ve also managed to beat CNN’s Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace!

It’s ominous news, indeed. And it can’t make CNN at all happy. In the meantime, the psychotic one, also known as Donald Trump, is literally begging on Truth Social for another CNN town hall. I doubt he will get it. At least not right away.

At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me if CNN fell from FOURTH place. Nobody is watching them. They are truly standing alone. And on that note, an interesting idea has come to light.

Chris Licht needs to go. That is the subject of — well — more articles than I can count right now. But some media outlets came up with a delightful idea — Licht can hire Christiane Amanpour as the new CEO.

Amanpour is the epitome of grace and dignity. She’d probably make a very good CEO. Or at least better than Licht, although THAT bar is not hard to leap over.

Amanpour came out and condemned her own network. Do you know how much courage that takes? I salute her.

And though the idea of Amanpour being hired as CEO is probably not realistic, that does not mean CNN could not hire someone LIKE her.

They should go for a top-notch high-quality CEO, someone who will actually LISTEN to what their (former) fans want and don’t want. Someone who cares and who will hire a bench of talent (and maybe bring some old familiar faces back.)

So we’ll see. I don’t give Licht much longer. The new show “King Charles” is set to premiere in the autumn, and I highly doubt it will be a ratings champion. Then, perhaps we will see some movement.

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