CNN goes completely off the rails

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Some people are saying, “poor CNN.” I am not one of them. I am not usually a “told you so” person. But this case calls for special circumstances. So yes, I will say, “I told you so, CNN.” CNN is — well — they’re doing SOMETHING. And that something is most definitely NOT gaining viewers.

What they appear to be doing is losing their entire audience at record-breaking amounts. Here’s the latest. CNN chose Jake Tapper to host a town hall on the Ohio train derailment disaster. CNN seems to have taken shine to Tapper. They had already tried to make him the face of CNN by putting him in prime-time. Need I tell you it did not work?

Anyway, Tapper hosted this town hall – which was watched by about 446,000 people. Folks, this is bad. This is an embarrassment. And that’s the problem. CNN appears to still be clueless. Recently Warner Brothers Discovery boss David Zaslav beamingly told reporters that CNN is doing just great!

This is because as David explained it, more Republicans are agreeing to appear on the network. That, for CNN, equals success. But what good is it if nobody sees them? I want to address some things. First, many have speculated that Chris Licht was intentionally brought in to destroy the network.

I respectfully disagree with that theory. Licht left an excellent gig to come to CNN, and he has a history of building up ailing networks. He just can’t seem to do it now. Is it that the new owners are Republicans? I don’t think so.

These are “bottom line” people. They care about MONEY. (Indeed, some speculate that’s really all they DO care about.) But as I’ve said, many of these people live in a bubble. It is VERY possible they placed too much faith in Licht. It’s also possible they may think that Maga will come calling soon to give CNN the viewers they’ve been watching for.

If CNN really believes this, they’re fools. The network’s ratings appear to fall more every month. I understand the conspiracy theories though I’m afraid I have to disagree with them. Jake Tapper cannot be the face of CNN. He does not have the qualities needed.

The people watching the station are shrinking before their eyes. There have also been rumors CNN is up for sale again, but many inside the network deny that. They do need to do something. And whatever decision they make, it’s almost guaranteed to be the wrong one.

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