CNN is toast

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You may be aware of a certain television network that has scheduled a certain person they will cover at a certain town hall in New Hampshire next week. The network is CNN, and the person is Donald Trump. This exciting event is scheduled for May 10th, and the wooden-voiced Kaitlan Collins, formerly of the Daily Caller, will host the event.

This town hall has enraged thousands with calls for boycotts everywhere and a lot of rage against CNN. Yet all of this could have been predicted and one should expect more, not less. Allow me to explain.

CNN is like a motorcyclist going 120 miles an hour with people screaming at him to slow down. Instead, he speeds up, headless of the danger, concerned only with the present moment’s exhilaration.

CNN is over, people. At least for now. I say this because nothing in politics is ever permanent. But for all intents and purposes, the old CNN is now gone. This is my CNN requiem. I had hoped for CNN to knock it out of the park. But since Chris Licht took over, as you are aware, CNN has lost more and more viewers.

Some people call for a boycott of this Trump town hall. Yet how can one boycott what isn’t watched in the first place? CNN has fallen so far in the ratings they barely have any viewers left. Nobody is watching now, and few will likely watch this shit-show of a town hall.

And yet this is a good thing in a way. First of all, CNN has shown its true colors at last. It is NOT that they’re right-wing or left-wing. They’re “whatever gets rating wing.” Licht is likely desperate at this point. And reportedly, he went after Trump, not the other way around.

It may be good to watch this lonely and sad event as it will undoubtedly be terrible. Trump can’t help but lie; Collins will have her marching orders to likely go easy on him, and everyone will castigate CNN. And it still won’t help their ratings.

The only way CNN gets their ratings back is if they’re authentic. And that means they must stop firing left-wing journalists, they must stop both-siding it, and they need to actually hire a bench of talent. I doubt they will do any of that. We see which way the wind blows, and it’s not toward us.

And yet — remember. Remember Tucker Carlson. I wrote many articles about how he would go too far one day and be out. Few believed it, but it happened.

And Chris Licht will be gone at some point too. He’s done a terrible job and he can’t do anything right. But the CNN we knew is gone, and this is its mournful requiem. Perhaps someday, we will get an iteration of the network that highlights the positive. That’s not happening yet.

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