CNN anchor sounds the alarm about CNN


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Grace. Poise. Humility. You might be surprised that I’m using those words about CNN. You might be surprised until you find out just who at CNN I’m speaking of. I speak of the grace of Amanpour.

Many of you know Christiane Amanpour’s work. She is the Chief International Anchor for CNN and hosts CNN’s international program, Amanpour.

Amanpour crosses party lines. She is highly respected, CNN’s crown jewel, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say revered — by people of every party. She is even more valuable now that CNN is in crisis mode. And she is speaking out — about the CNN town hall.

She delivered the commencement address at Columbia Journalism School and spoke with grace about the town hall. Amanpour called the Trump town hall “an earthquake” and said she has met with Chris Licht and offered her opinion.

Amanpour said she was deeply concerned that peoples’ trust in CNN had eroded. Amanpour also suggested had it been she as the interviewer, she’d have “dropped the mic” at the “nasty person comment.”

Amanpour’s comments come at a critical time. CNN’s ratings continue to suffer, with NewsMax again beating CNN in some key hours. This is the second time and should be a giant red flag for the network.

Amanpour is about the best thing CNN has left. She’s the last cooling lake in the CNN desert. Let’s hope CNN takes her words seriously, although there is no sign as of the time of this writing that they are.

In fact, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, who owns CNN, just bragged about how CNN has more Republicans on its network than ever! “Republicans are back on the air!” David Zazlav bragged at the Moffett-Nathanson conference. “They’re not going to get one more vote on Fox news. They’ve already got that,” Zazlav explained.

He also claimed advertisers do not want to be part of an “advocacy network,” which he says CNN used to be. These words, of course, show utter cluelessness, but Amanpour’s words will still not have been in vain.

This is because as crisis after crisis continues to hit CNN — as they undoubtedly will — Amnepour’s words will be remembered.

As CNN executives change their anchor lineups and change their news approaches like willows in the wind, Amanpour– and others at CNN, such as Oliver Darcy will be remembered as people who stood up for journalism, honesty, and truth.


They were and are true grace without losing their core values. Hats off to them. They are and will remain heroes. As for CNN, I have a feeling their darkest days are ahead of them.



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